Daytime Menu


Breakfast dry cured bacon, pork & leek sausage, mushrooms, baked beans, tomato, hash brown, fried egg and toasted bloomer (g,df) 8.5

Add black pudding for 0.8

Vegetarian pan fried halloumi, tomato, hash brown, baked beans, mushrooms, fried egg, spinach and toasted bloomer (g,v) 8.0

Vegan avocado, tomato, hash brown, spinach, baked beans & mushrooms with toasted bloomer (g,v,df) 8.0


Benedict roast ham, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on a toasted muffin (g) 7.0


Royale smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on a toasted muffin (g) 7.2

Add black pudding for 0.8

Wild Mushrooms pan fried with cherry tomatoes, spinach and scrambled eggs on sourdough (g,v) 7.5

Waffles with American style streaky bacon, maple syrup, hazelnut and a poached egg (n) 7.0

Smashed Avocado with poached eggs on sourdough (g,v) 6.5

Add halloumi/streaky bacon/sm. salmon 3.0

Smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs on toasted granary bloomer (g) 6.5

Breakfast Butty any two breakfast items on white or granary bloomer (g) 4.5


Eggs on Toast choose from fried, poached or scrambled eggs on toasted white or granary bloomer (g,v) 3.5

Chunky Toast or Teacake with butter and your choice of jam, marmalade, nutella, marmite or honey (g,v) 2.3



Steak & Eggs Derbyshire 8oz minute steak with poached eggs, sautéed new potatoes, red pepper and walnut romesco (gf,n) 10.0

Add mushrooms 1.5


Bacon Chop pea, shallot, capers, cream potato (gf) 9.5


Risotto celeriac, cured yolk, crisps (gf,v) 9.0

Cod Loin parmentier potatoes, pea puree, scraps, tartare sauce (g,df) 10.0


Tagliatelle spicy tomato & red pepper, walnut (v,n) 8.5


Lights, Sides & Sandwiches


Duck Liver Parfait mini loaf, chutney (g) 6.7


Pulled Pork BBQ sauce, chunky bloomer, coleslaw, crisps (g,df) 7.8


Cod Butty fish goujons, tartare sauce & baby lettuce on bloomer with crisps, coleslaw 7.0


BLT streaky bacon, baby gem lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise on bloomer with coleslaw & crisps (g,df) 7.0


Cheeseboard selection of cheeses with chutney, crackers, grapes, bread (g,v)8.0


Polenta Chips with romesco (gf,n,df) 4.5                   Skin-On Fries (gf,df) 3.5


Halloumi 3.0 – Smoked salmon 3.0 – Streaky bacon 3.0 – Dry cured back bacon 2.0 – Pork & leek sausage 1.5

Hash browns 1.0 – Baked beans 1.5 – Mushrooms 1.5 – Hollandaise sauce 2.0 – Spinach 1.0 – Fried Egg 1.0


Child’s Menu


£5 each – including a drink

Fish fingers, chips, peas

Pasta, tomato & basil sauce, cheese

Sausage, fries, baked beans

Breakfast – sausage, fried egg, hash brown and beans

‘Farmhouse’ margarita pizza

Ham & cheese sandwich, crisps

Something sweet


Raspberry Doughnut with ice cream 4.5


Chocolate Pave honeycomb, ice cream (gf) 5.5


Ask a member of staff for today’s selection of cakes & traybakes….